In 2015, Stahl created her first independent works during her stay in Antwerp. This first project developed into object art and was dedicated to the positive visibility of Antwerp’s homosexual and transgender society. Her first exposition in Antwerp 2016, called “Silent Stories”, took place in the Fabriek Noord and was a cooperation with Het Roze Huis / Cavaria, the home of the Flemish LGBTI – roof organization. In 2017 Stahl worked on a personal photo portrait about Antwerp. A selection of her photographs was shown for the first time in the exposition Temporary Antwerp in Munich in November of the same year.

In 2018 the photo book “The Flaneur – Walking through Antwerp” will be published.


My working method

A thematic, process-oriented approach serves as the basis of my work. Life and humans as such are seen as main sources of inspiration. My perception and interpretations are expressed through the artistic means available to me.